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Can You Sell a House with a Lien On It? YES! You Have Options

It’s a constant challenge to try and sell a home quickly in Houston, and it’s even more of a stretch to make sure you’re getting the value you’ve earned for your property. 

At PPS, we’ve come across just about every sort of situation and potential “problem” a homeowner could ever run into. Of course, no issue is too big (or too small) for our expert team.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from sellers is:

“Can you sell a house with a lien on it?”

It’s an important question to ask, as many people find themselves in this predicament and feel as though they have nowhere to turn.

We’re here to help, empower, and guide you through this process effortlessly and easily, all while getting you the maximum cash payment you deserve. 

Can You Sell a House with a Lien on it in Houston?

Absolutely, positively, 100%…

YES! (But of course, the specific details matter and require a trained eye.)

Selling a home with a lien against it can, of course, be challenging. There is plenty of legal and financial red tape to maneuver around before you can even think about listing the home, and that’s assuming you can get those issues resolved in a timely fashion.

When we are approached by homeowners asking “can you sell a house with a lien on it?” – we’re ready to act.

Selling a home with a lien in Houston is one of our specialties, something we pride ourselves on, and an experience we will walk you through every step of the way. With years of experience successfully selling homes – no matter what condition they may be in – you can rest easy and with confidence that your selling process will be seamless. 

How to Sell a House With a Lien on it in Houston

Maybe you’re thinking of going through this process alone. 

We don’t recommend it for many reasons, but before you even begin to think about selling a home with a lien against it, you should be armed with some basic knowledge of what you’re getting yourself into. 

What is a Lien?

Liens are obtained through a court process, and they give a party the authority to place a claim against an asset (in this case, your home) due to unpaid bills. 

Parties generally can place a lien against a home if a debt is owed to them, with the main purpose of preventing the sale of a property until the debt is paid in full. Another purpose, however, is to take ownership of the property to pay off the debt. 

When selling property with a lien, these are the major types to look out for:

  • Tax Lien – A tax lien is a government claim against assets, including a home. These are usually the most serious types of liens and will take priority over all others if there are multiple liens against a property
  • Mortgage Lien – Also known as a property lien, lenders will place mortgage liens against homeowner property when the owner is behind on multiple mortgage payments.
  • HOA Lien – If you’re a member of a homeowner association and you’ve fallen behind on your dues, the association may place a lien against your property.

So Can a House be Sold With a Lien on it in Houston? Can I do it Myself?

For all intents and purposes, yes – you can try to do this yourself. In almost every case though, the process is long, complicated, stressful, and financially and mentally draining. 

Whether it’s the government, a homeowners association, or your bank – all of these parties have the power to prevent you from selling property with a lien. 

Basically, these agencies all want to be paid what is owed, so they also have the power to sell the house to compensate for the debt owed to them. If you have a lien or liens against your property and want them removed, the debt owed must be paid. 

Once the debt is paid, a Letter of Satisfaction is issued by the party that filed a lien against the property. Unfortunately, creditors are well aware that most homeowners don’t know their rights and many don’t understand the options they have in resolving the lien. 

They also know that, in most cases, sellers in Houston are motivated to try and sell their home fast. Because of this, many people find themselves taken advantage of and end up with bigger problems than they originally had. 

Let PPS Handle Selling Your Home With a Lien Against it in Houston!

If all of that sounds like a long, drawn out process – that’s because it is. 

That is, of course, unless you trust the experts at PPS to handle the heavy lifting for you. 

How can we help? 

Besides offering you top-level customer service every step of the way (and value you won’t find from any other service), the team at PPS draws from years of experience dealing with selling property with a lien against it. 

What are the benefits of trusting PPS to handle selling a home with a line?

  • We work with creditors to temporarily remove liens – making it possible to sell your house for cash. 
  • We negotiate on your behalf so you don’t have the stress of meeting with creditors
  • We’ll buy your house quickly, regardless of liens against the property – it doesn’t matter how many!
  • We’ll get you the generous CASH payment you deserve for your property – GUARANTEED!  

So why waste your time trying to solve these complicated selling problems on your own? Let the team at PPS Home Buyers do the dirty work and get your property sold TODAY!

Why Sell to PPS House Buyers?

Want to sell your property quickly and easily? We buy land and houses for cash, in any condition, regardless of your situation. We can help with inherited homes, liens, rental properties, or foreclosures. We go above and beyond to extend additional services that will improve your home selling experience and ensure you have more money at closing.

Find out what makes PPS House Buyers the best choice for selling your house today.   GET STARTED 

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