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can you empty a house before probate is finished

Can You Empty A House Before Probate?

One of the most common questions we receive from loved ones trying to sell a house quickly during the probate process is this: Can you empty out the contents of ...

Sell Your Inherited House in Houston

Sell Your Inherited House in Houston

Inheriting a home from a loved one can be both a joyous event and a significant responsibility. Your decision to make changes must be thoughtfully undertaken as ...

Can HOA Put A Lien On Your House

Can HOA Put A Lien On Your House?

Living within a community association, like a homeowners association (HOA), can be a benefit to many. Most often, HOAs help maintain property values, provide ad ...

Is There A Lien in my house

Is There a Lien on my House

Are you ready to sell your house because you got a great job in a new state, or maybe you want to move closer to family but struggle to get out from under a pro ...

Can You Sell a House with a Tax Lien

Can You Sell a House with a Tax Lien?

People with tax liens on their homes often feel stuck in a rut when it comes to selling. They can’t seem to find a way out, especially when they want to sell a ...

how to sell a vacant or empty house in houston tx (1)

How To Sell An Empty House

Trying to sell an empty house in Houston? It can be hard for potential buyers to walk into a vacant home and envision making that home their own, which makes se ...

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