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Is There a Lien on my House

Are you ready to sell your house because you got a great job in a new state, or maybe you want to move closer to family but struggle to get out from under a property lien? Well, the good news is this: selling a home with a lien is possible, and with the right help, you can do it quickly and easily.

This article will discuss the question of “is there a lien on my house,” but if you’re in a hurry know this. Homeowners in Houston, Texas, can work with our company that wants to buy your home for cash fast. Even if your home has a property lien on it, PPS House Buyers will be happy to help you.

Now, let’s discuss real property liens that can affect your house title.

Types of Liens (Voluntary and Involuntary)

There are two different categories of liens: voluntary and involuntary. A simplified definition of a lien is that it indicates someone has filed a secured right to a certain amount of money owed to them, and it’s registered on the title of your home.

Liens may hinder the sale, or simply require payment should a sale take place. In special cases, it may even allow repossession of your property if you do not pay your debt such as with certain tax liens.

While most liens are involuntary and unwanted, some can be the homeowner’s decision. Think mortgage lien.

Voluntary Liens

Not all liens are placed against houses but property in general. The best and most common example of a voluntary lien is when the property owner makes large-item purchases, such as boats, homes, and cars. Property liens are taken out against these items, ensuring that the debtor will pay back the money owed or their property can be repossessed as payment.

Involuntary Liens on Homes

Most liens against homes are involuntary liens and can often be hard to get control over. These are frequently put into play by the civil, state, or federal government.


  • Property tax lien: Property tax debt liens are the most frequently seen involuntary liens held against a homeowner’s property and can prevent them from selling their house. These property liens are put into place when you get behind on your taxes. If you don’t pay, the government can take possession of your house. When? This depends on your state.
  • IRS lien: If you fail to pay your taxes to the Internal Revenue Service and they cannot access your paycheck or other ways of getting their money back, they can put a federal tax lien on your home. They can even force a sale.
  • Mechanic’s Lien- A mechanic’s lien is a safety net for professionals working on your property. If you have repairs, remodels, or any other type of construction job on your home and don’t pay, contractors can be awarded money from the sale of your house.

How Do I Know If There Is a Lien on My House?

Luckily, it isn’t too hard to find general information these days; usually, a quick and simple online lien search can help you get information on almost anything you need, including whether or not there is a lien on your house.

The best way to find whether or not you have a lien on your home is by logging onto your county’s recorder website and entering your property address or your PIN.  Because these are public records, you won’t have to jump through hoops to access them and they are free to access, although there may be a small fee to obtain physical copies.

If you are unfamiliar with searching or navigating the Internet for property records or don’t have the time or interest in doing it, you can have a title company complete the property lien search for you for a fee.

If for some reason your county does not offer a property lien search online, you can speak to a county clerk in person at the county courthouse and request the records and general information there.

Need to Find Out if Your House Has Lien in Texas?

Here are some links to sources with information on tax liens in Houston, Texas:

Do You Have a Mortgage?

A quick and easy way to find out whether or not your home still has a lien on it is by calling and asking the bank or servicer you send your mortgage payment to. They have access to this information whether it is their lien or someone else’s.

There Can be a Lien on Your Home That Isn’t Legit

Is there a lien on your home even though you know for a fact there is no reason for it? Bogus liens are a real thing and they can cause a lot of trouble and stress for homeowners when they go to sell their houses.

A great example of unsubstantiated liens is if you had a contractor do significant work on your property and that person failed to pay their subcontractors. These subcontractors can then place a lien on your home for failure to pay.

Although this can be cleared up, it can take a while and will prolong the sales process of your house. The best way to protect yourself in situations like these is by requesting a lien waiver from your contractor.

Another way to protect yourself from false liens is by keeping all of your financial documentation, such as waivers, proof of ownership, mortgage statements, etc.

Can You Sell a Home That Has a Tax Lien?

As a property owner, it can be discouraging trying to sell your home when there is a lien against it. This debt can make anyone feel stuck and unable to move forward with their life.

Luckily, selling your home with a lien isn’t out of the question; you just have to find the right company to work with.

PPS House Buyers is a great example of real estate professionals who are willing to work with anyone, including people who are struggling with liens.

Unlike selling with a traditional realtor, we are here to purchase your house fast, for cash, as-is, even if as-is means working with a lien. There are a number of “we buy houses” companies out there, but you need to make sure the cash buyer is legitimate and not a scam. 

Now, that doesn’t mean selling a home with a lien against it is easy. Many legal actions need to be taken, and deals need to be made. However, the hard work will be left with our team who have years of experience with this type of work under our belts.

What Can PPS House Buyers Do?

If you are trying to sell a home fast that has one (or multiple) liens and you don’t know where to turn, let PPS House Buyers help you. We have years of experience working through the complicated web of red tape and legal jargon and can help you get through the process.

  • PPS House Buyers are professionals who can work directly with your creditors to temporarily remove the liens on your house so you can sell it for cash and gain the means to pay off the debt.
  • PPS House Buyers are experts in negotiation and will work with the creditor on your behalf so you don’t have to deal with the stress.
  • PPS House Buyers are happy to purchase your home fast, even if you have a lien–or multiple liens–on it.
  • We will make sure you get a fair and honest amount of cash for your home quickly and effortlessly.

What is the Process When Selling a Home to PPS House Buyers?

Here at PPS House Buyers, we want to make the process of selling your home fast and simple, walking you through each step together and making sure you understand what is taking place at all times. We want to ensure you are completely comfortable and happy with the transaction before we finalize the sale.

  • You contact us: Simply call (281) 306-5055 or fill out a short survey online for a free evaluation. We will get details about your home to get a good idea of what we are working with.
  • We will come to see you: Next, we will have one of our experts come out to your home to talk over the process with you and answer any questions you might have. We also evaluate your situation and help develop a solution to any problems, including liens.
  • We close: Lastly, we will let you choose the best closing date for your schedule and then pay you for your home in cash with no fees.

It is as easy as that. PPS House Buyers will work hard to sell your home so you don’t have to.

If you want to sell your home but are worried about what the process may look like due to liens against the property, give PPS House Buyers a call. Let us explain the process we use to help you clear your debt, settle your liens, and sell your house

Why Sell to PPS House Buyers?

Want to sell your property quickly and easily? We buy land and houses for cash, in any condition, regardless of your situation. We can help with inherited homes, liens, rental properties, or foreclosures. We go above and beyond to extend additional services that will improve your home selling experience and ensure you have more money at closing.

Find out what makes PPS House Buyers the best choice for selling your house today.   GET STARTED 

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