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Get a FREE Move or $500 Gift Card When We Purchase Your Property! Ask How.

Can You Sell My Inherited House?

A home that’s inherited from a loved one is both a tremendous gift, as well as a huge responsibility

There’s a lot that comes with an inherited home, particularly if you plan on renovating, repairing, maintaining, and eventually, selling it. Many homeowners don’t want to deal with the stress and aggravation of moving through all of these hurdles – which is why many come to us saying, “I inherited a house and want to sell it. Can I sell my inherited house?”

Selling an inherited house as is in Houston can be an otherwise tricky process, but our team does the heavy lifting for you – leaving you feeling confident and empowered for the next time around.  

What Should I Consider Before I Sell my Inherited House in Houston?

Without a doubt, one of the most common questions we come across with homeowners is:

“How can I sell my inherited house?”

Before thinking about selling an inherited house as is in Houston, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what real estate professionals will be evaluating in the home. 

This approach can differ from agent to agent – some will start with the value of the appraisal, while others will focus on top market value utilizing the home evaluation method. 

Of course, when selling an inherited house as-is in Houston, you’ll need to take the condition of your home into consideration. Any substantial repairs that are needed, maintenance issues, and overall upkeep all need to be considered before you go about trying to sell the property – these issues will absolutely have an impact on the value of your home. 

Legal ownership of the home is another potential obstacle to think about. Any title issues and outstanding debts owed (such as mortgages, liens, etc.) must be resolved before you can move forward with the sale (unless, of course, you’re using our services). 

What are my Options? Can my Inherited Property be Sold in Houston?

As the new owner of the home, you’re probably wondering – “Can my inherited property be sold?”

Fortunately, you’re not without options when it comes to managing your newest asset. 

Of course, you can choose to move into the home yourself. In this case, homeowners are able to save some money on rent or a separate mortgage. If you’ve got no intention of moving into the property yourself, you can always attempt to rent it instead to earn some residual income.

Managing tenants and renting a property comes with a whole other set of circumstances and hurdles that you’ll need to be able to balance throughout the course of your ownership – it’s difficult to do, especially if you’re a novice homeowner. 

The most logical (and valuable) option is to sell your inherited house in Houston. Selling the inherited home will eliminate the ongoing maintenance costs and potential repairs that you’d otherwise encounter while owning the property. Selling an empty or vacant house will also save you money on holding costs, insurance, and nuisance issues. 

How to Sell an Inherited House in Houston 

Selling is definitely the best option as far as value is concerned (after all, who isn’t looking to boost their income a bit!), but there’s a bunch of legalities you’ll need to tackle before the sale can be completed. 

First, you’ll need to settle any of the tax issues that might surround the property. These can include:

  • Inheritance Tax
  • State or Local taxes
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Other Outstanding Taxes

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to obtain a death certificate of the family member or loved one that left the property to you. After that, you’ll need to complete an Heirship Affidavit. The Heirship Affidavit is used to validate your association with the family member, and is a crucial part of the process in probate court that determines the legal rights to the property. 

Finally, you’ll need to clear the title of the home before it can be sold. This can be an extremely time-consuming and lengthy process, particularly if there are multiple lien issues and missing heirs related to the property. 

Trying to sell an inherited home can really test your patience, especially while you are still grieving the loss of a loved one. The most common scenario for people is trying to sell their parent’s home, and we understand the emotional toll this can take on you.

Luckily, our team of experts will help guide you through the entire process, doing all of the heavy lifting so you and your family can focus on more important matters. 

Can You Sell my Inherited Home in Houston?

If all of this seems like a huge burden to bear – you aren’t alone. 

We’ve worked with and counseled hundreds of homeowners that have been in the exact same situation as you, wondering – “Can you sell my inherited home in Houston?”  Many of these clients were looking for cash for houses, and fast.

Each and every time we’ve been able to settle all outstanding issues while delivering a generous cash payment on the property. 

Our team will tackle all the problems you’ll encounter throughout the selling process, including:

  • Outstanding Liens
  • Property Taxes
  • Permit Issues
  • Structural Issues
  • Costly Repairs

And so much more…

The PPS Home Buyers team is a group of experienced professionals with years of experience in the real estate industry. We go through the same steps you’d go through with a realtor, except without any of the hassle or stress of having to sit at the negotiating table.

Our team makes sure that you, the homeowner, never have to lift a finger throughout the selling process, while educating you and empowering you for the future. Utilizing our services ensures that you’ll save time, money, and aggravation – WITHOUT the frustration of dealing with lawyers, realtors, and potential buyers.  

We buy houses for cash, no matter what condition they may be in – including your inherited home!

Don’t waste any more time trying to navigate the confusing selling waters yourself. Let PPS Home Buyers handle your sale today! 

Why Sell to PPS House Buyers?

Want to sell your property quickly and easily? We buy land and houses for cash, in any condition, regardless of your situation. We can help with inherited homes, liens, rental properties, or foreclosures. We go above and beyond to extend additional services that will improve your home selling experience and ensure you have more money at closing.

Find out what makes PPS House Buyers the best choice for selling your house today.   GET STARTED 

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